Which Piano Lesson is Really Better – Live or on Screen?

Children show early signs of potential in different areas of learning. As a parent, it is very crucial that we take note of these interests and potentials for us to be able to nurture them and make the most out of these skills and talents.

Upon seeing these potentials, parents would then need to consider a number of factors before choosing the appropriate lessons that they want for their children. There are options as to which children can learn how to further cultivate their potentials. They can have actual piano lessons that can be done at home or in music centers or they could buy a set of DVDs that offer piano lessons across age levels.


Several factors need a close study. The first factor would be age. Age is a very important consideration because children who are very young would need to be properly guided in any lesson that they want to take. Watching DVDs and learning alone may not be suited for very small children. Their eye and hand coordination which is very crucial in playing the piano has not yet fully developed at a very early stage. A close physical guidance that would teach them techniques and pointers that need to be remembered like association is what can work better.

For older children, having an actual instructor beside them could either be beneficial or ineffective. Some children need to be confirmed all the time if they are doing the right thing. Other children wanted to learn and commit mistakes all by themselves to be able to figure out what needs to be done and how his/her mistakes can be corrected. In these scenarios, a choice between an actual teacher and a teacher in the screen can be made based on weighed pros and cons.


Time would be another area of battle between the actual lessons and DVDs lessons. Children could either be motivated or get bored with both techniques. Children who are guided right away can have their errors corrected immediately. Watching the DVD of a piano lesson would need a rewind or pausing so that mistakes can be corrected as reflections are made. Children can choose when to take the lessons based on the ideal schedule that they have in mind.

However, it may not be easy to reschedule a lost lesson. A DVD can sit on the shelf and be watched as soon as the child is ready to watch and study again. On another perspective though, children who are willing to learn would be forced to do so because of a regular schedule with a piano mentor. The liberty to watch the DVD at any time that a child desires may not always be beneficial.


Lastly, a battle between the costs can also be looked into. A real piano teacher costs much than acquiring a whole set of DVDs on piano lesson starter until the advanced level. After mentioning these factors, the decision will still be in the hands of the person who will decide if the child will learn the piano or not.

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