Video Game Designer Salary And Other Information

Almost everything these days can be done as long as you have a computer. You can keep in touch with friends via social networking sites and emails. You can shop through online sites and pay online as well. Instead of reading encyclopedias, you can just search for information online. You can even just download eBooks instead of buying hard copies, which would be very heavy to carry. You can also look for jobs online.

Why is everything moving to the virtual world? This is probably because our lives are becoming more and more fast-paced. This means that we do not have to time to skim through thick volumes of encyclopedias just to find a particular piece of information. We may not have time to meet up with friends all the time so we talk to them through the internet instead.

One more thing that has moved to the virtual world is playing games. There are numerous games that can now be played not only though the computer but through several consoles. These consoles include PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, etc.

These video games allow a player to enjoy numerous games without even having to stand up or go outside. You can also play with other gamers who are online.

Video Game Designer

Have you ever wondered about the people who create these video games? A video game designer is considered to be someone who has a very cool job. Imagine making a living out of creating games that people around the world could enjoy.

As video game designer, you would be the one to design a gameĆ­s characters, the background or setting of the game, the outcomes, the dialogues, the storyboards, etc. It would actually be like you were creating your own world.

You would also be working for a certain client for each game that you would be designing. This means that you also need to follow what they want from the game. You would probably need to make changes and edits, depending on what the client would need.

Video Game Designer Salary Based On Experience

But what video game designer salary can you expect to get? The average video game designer salary on a yearly basis is $68,000. The amount that you get would depend on your experience, the company or industry you are working for, your skills, etc.

The video game wage that you would be getting if you are only just starting out would be around $39,000 per year. With some years of experience in the business, you would be able to expect around $82,000 per year. As a veteran video game designer, you can expect around $120,000 per year.

Video Game Designer Income Based on Industry

Several industries include video games in their business. The aerospace industry provides their video game designers with around $69,000 on a yearly basis. Independent writers and artists provide around $73,000 on a yearly basis. Sporting goods stores are able to provide a video game designer salary of around $77,000 on a yearly basis. If you work for the motion picture industry, you would be getting the best video game designer wage. You can expect around $83,000 on a yearly basis.

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