The Smartest Dog Breeds

Dogs have a well-deserved reputation for being smart animals. Because we interact with them a great deal, dogs are the animals that many people are most familiar with. But not all dogs are created equal. Some are smarter than others and a great deal of that has something to do with the breed of the dog.

Different Dog Breeds

The different dog breeds that are available now were originally created in the past in order to serve specific purposes. Some breeds were created for hunting, while others were created for helping shepherds control livestock. Aside from the different physical characteristics of these breeds, there’s also a lot of difference when it comes to the mental capacity.

Breeds that were created for sniffing and smelling things are harder to train and a bit slower than other types. Dogs that are intended for helping in livestock and shepherding are very intelligent and are highly trainable. Dogs that are intended to help hunters retrieve animals need a lot of exercise and physical activity. So if you want to get an intelligent dog, you have to base your choice according to the breed. Here are some of the most intelligent dog breeds today.

Australian Cattle Dog

This breed was originally intended to help cattle raisers to control livestock in the field. Because of that background the Australian Cattle Dog requires a lot of activity. While it is very intelligent and docile, it might raise a lot of trouble in its quest to find something interesting to do. If you are a neat freak then this is the breed for you. They are known for putting away their own toys.


The Rottweiler has gained a reputation for being fierce a dog. They do make excellent guard dogs because they were originally bred for work. But this breed has some characteristics that make it a great companion dog. It is very loyal, fearless and stoic.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Labs are popular because of the breed’s intelligence, affectionate nature, gentleness and patience. These qualities make them ideal as household pets for families with children. Because they can be trained easily, Labs are the dogs most often used for important tasks such as police work, search and rescue and for assisting disabled persons. Labs are also known for their ability to self-train. They can observe human activities and repeat those. Because they are bred as working dogs, Labs require a lot of activity.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is another breed that has gained a reputation for being fierce. This is because it has been used as a police and even war dogs in the past. But the Doberman is actually gentle. It just has to be trained properly because its intelligence and fearlessness can make it a handful.

These are just some of the smartest dog breeds that you can get. You just have to remember that having a smart dog might not be the best thing for you. A smart dog is not necessarily a good thing because they can cause more trouble.

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