Foods for Boosting Your Brainpower

When we want to lose weight or gain muscles, there are certain foods that are recommended. For those who would like to gain more muscles, foods that are rich in protein are recommended. For people who would like to lose weight, it is recommended that they stay away from anything that is rich in fat. If you want to improve your brainpower there are certain types of food that are recommended as well. The brain is just like any other part of the body that requires nutrients. If you provide it with the right kinds of nutrients that it needs then it is bound to perform better.

Foods for Boosting Your Brainpower

To help you in your aim of having a brain that performs well, then here are some of the foods that you should make a habit of eating regularly.


You might not realize it, but your ability to focus and concentrate on doing certain tasks comes from having enough energy. This energy comes from glucose in our bloodstream. One of the best ways of getting enough glucose for use in the brain is to eat whole grains with low-GI. That will release glucose slowly into the blood, which will ensure an adequate supply that can be used by the brain. You should eat a lot of cereals, wheat bran, pasta and granary bread.

Oily Fish

EFAs or essential fatty acids cannot be produced by the body. It is one of those nutrients that would have to be derived from food sources. Fishes hat are oily content a great deal of essential fatty acids that can be used right away by the body. EFAs are good for the heart, the brain, for the joints and for the body as a whole. Mackerel, trout and salmon are just examples of oily food.

Seeds and Nuts

Another good source of essential fatty acids are nuts and seeds. They also contain vitamin E which can help protect the brain from the damages that can be caused by free radicals. There are many types of nuts that are available, but walnuts have been proven to be the most beneficial for the brain. Sunflower seeds and cashews also help when it comes to lowering down the level of stress in the body.

Leafy Vegetables

As children, we were always told that we should eat our vegetables. There really is a good reason behind eating a lot of vegetables especially the green and leafy ones. Spinach and kale are just two examples of dark and leafy vegetables that can really be beneficial to the body. These vegetables contain folic acid which can protect the brain from damage.


While we always eat eggs, we are not aware of the benefits that it can provide us when it comes to enhancing our brain power. Eggs are rich in choline which helps in memory and concentration.

These are just some of the foods that can provide the greatest amount of benefits for the body.

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